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About Onemillionbusinesspix

About Millionpix

The idea:

The one million business pix website is the idea of ​​creating a digital image that consists of 1 million business logos including a link directly to the logo's website.

Global Visibility for only $ 10  (10 Dollar)

For only $10, any business, regardless of size, can market their business globally and at the same time be part of the overall picture that is complete when we reach business # 1,000,000 and the project closes.  However, the project, website and image with a million business pixels, will last forever and the global marketing of all advertisers will continue forever.

The benefit of joining

Every advertiser and every logo will be linked directly to the advertiser's website, and even though each logo is in thumbnail, there is always a high probability that customers and visitors from all over the world will click on YOUR LOGO many times over the years and YOUR BUSINESS will therefore have ongoing marketing as long as the internet exists.


Such projects also tend to be very popular and will therefore most likely and over time, receive very much attention both from the global population, media and not least on social media etc.

Why $10

The answer to that is, to show that good marketing can also be cheap!

Previous 2005

This idea is not completely new and it has been implemented before, most recently in 2005 where the inventor achieved 1 million logos on 1 image and then closed the project for good.

Today 2022

Now the day has come for a new project, and I actually can not find a better time than right now in these hard times where so many globally are trying to survive and desperately need cheap but good marketing to be visible to new and existing customers globally.

What's new

But this time it will be a cleaner and clearer image without overlaps and without hidden advertisers behind overlaps that the image from 2005 has. Today, ALL advertisers are equally visible and in line. How big the image will be without using overlaps via CSS, time will tell and this will be exciting.

Our $10 reason:

The 10 Dollar story is a general lifesaver for the weakest in societies, also globally!
The dream of helping others in need has always existed with us, and never has there been more needy than now in the world.
So feel free to help us spread this page and the opportunity. Thank you! About


We at onemillionbusinesspix support small and medium-sized businesses globally.
We encourage everyone to support these important businesses so that they can survive and / or start up again after all the problems these have had to face due to lockdowns since March 2020.

The world needs small and medium-sized enterprises as these make up the majority of the world's businesses.
They are the very heart of the world economy. Without these, even the big ones will fall.

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