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The purpose with One Million Business Pix website? FAQ

The first purpose of The one million business pix is to create a digital image with 1 million businesses gathered in one image. Secondly, each of these gets equal marketing value and exposure regardless of company size and regardless of country, region, industry etc. Third, each company logo are linked directly to each business website. Furthermore, we present our FAQ .

The benefit for the advertisers? FAQ

Every participating business in the one million business image gets a unique opportunity to market themselves. To share their logo and link on a very popular website and in a completely unique and special context. Every businesses including No. 1 000 000, will forever be on this website and as a part of this unique image forever. In addition, all participants will be presented by company name and link on our own Spot List page, and on all our social media such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest etc.

Can anyone, small, medium, large business, private business, self employed, companies etc, participate in the one million business image and advertise on this site?

We make no difference to anyone, large or small, category, gender or nation. Everyone can participate. On the other hand, we do not accept illegal content that violates human rights or other harmful online content. This includes human trafficking, child abuse and other extreme illegal sites. Each link that accompanies the logo sent to us will be reviewed and approved prior to publication.

Will my logo contain my link to my business website?

Yes of course.
This is the purpose of our website and the one million business image. It is in this way that your business will be promoted and given publicity and visibility on our website.

 I do not have a professional website but only use social media for my business, can I promote my business profile?

Yes you can. Hence, how you want to work and market yourself is not our business. Moreover, if you promote your business using Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Facebook or other social media, then this is perfectly fine to promote in our image on Onemillionbusinesspix . Therefore, as long as you have a Logo and link, you can market with us.
Note: We only accept "Business Profiles" in our image. Consequently, private profiles on social media are not accepted.

The overall marketing strategy. FAQ

In addition to the One million business image, all participants will be presented by company name and link on our own Spot List page. We will also provide ongoing marketing of our advertisers on all our social media. This includes Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest etc. In this way, all our advertisers will get extra valuable marketing at no extra cost. This is our overall marketing strategy.

I have more than one business, can I submit multiple logos with links?

Yes you can, you can send us as many company logos and associated links as you want. But we point out that each logo with link costs 10 dollar each. You can adjust this in our contact form on the Buy Spot page. Adjust by changing the number in the box to the number of logos you send. Example: You have 3 company logos = $ 30 instead of $ 10 in the box. Alternatively, you can submit the form 3 times, one for each company.

When business closes:  What happens if my business closes, will my logo and link be deleted?

The answer to that is no.
You will forever be part of the One million business image, we will never delete anyone from this image. In that matter the Logo will continue with an inactive link. Furthermore, should your business one day close, you will still have a unique memory and forever own your part of the internet history.

Is there a $ 10 return guarantee?

The answer to that is no.
Explicitly, 10 dollar is a very low price and you get a lot of valuable publicity, visibility and marketing for this small amount.
This is each advertiser's own free choice to participate in and fully and completely their responsibility.

Sponsor program: Do I have the opportunity to become a sponsor and thus have the opportunity for more exposure and marketing of my business?

Yes of course. You can participate both in our image and as a sponsor for extra publicity on our Sponsor page. Please visit our Sponsor page and fill out our contact form for this. We will contact you for an appointment for a sponsorship package and incorporate your company into our sponsorship program.
Note: There will be a limited number of sponsors. We will announce every start and stop of our sponsorship program.

Is there a $ return guarantee for the sponsors ?

The answer to that is no.
Each sponsor reviews and selects the sponsor agreement they want and the period this applies to. As soon as they have accepted the agreement, they will be published and be visible as long as the agreement applies.

About your private information. FAQ

The only private information we ask for on our contact form is your email. We do not share this with third parties or others, and this is only for internal use on our part. However, we will be able to use this ourselves to send newsletters or updates to each individual advertiser.

About payment methods, card details, other private details according to your payment. Stored or shared in any way with third parties?

That is an absolute No!
Explicitly, we do not store any details or information regarding your payment with us. We neither can nor want to share sensitive information with third parties. If you wish to send more logos and pay for them, you must therefor fill in the contact form and make the payment again each time you make a purchase. We store nothing on our website.

Adjustments. FAQ

Onemillionbusinesspix reserves the right to, if necessary, at any time be able to adjust prices and run campaigns with galloping price offers.



In summary, the onemillionbusinesspix website is created as a win win tool for everyone to take advantage of. And the only existing success model of its kind today, worldwide! 


The onemillionbusinesspix or its owner are not responsible for the content of external sites. Images featured on the homepage are © of their respective owners.

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