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All advertisers at our one million business pix image will also be available in our spot list on this page. Click any business name you want and you will be taken directly to the company's personal website. You can also use our search engine for specific searches. For the start, we list all participants continuously and make a mix. Over time, as the list grows, we will eventually categorize by country. This is to create a clearer overview of all participants at our Millionpix image. 


The spot list is an extra carrot for our participants at our epic image. Moreover it gives our site visitors a different way to find what and who they are looking for. Another reason why we create this list is furthermore that each logo on our Millionpix image will eventually be the size of a pixel, and therefore, in some cases will be difficult to perceive with the direct eye. The reason for this is that the image as a whole, shall not be too large and that we can thus collect one million logos within this framework. So, it is of course a necessity with a separate list that summarizes which companies participate on our Millionepix image. 

We at one millionbusinesspix, put our honor and pride in delivering more value than what we get paid for. In addition to being creative creators and inventors of smart solutions and fun ideas, we will always put the needs of others before ourselves. Being able to help create success for others also means success for us.

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